We're working hard...

Firstly, A BIG THANK YOU to all of our customers, new and existing, for a great 2015! 

We've had a great time Tiling your Bathrooms, En Suites, Shower rooms and more! It has been a pleasure! 

Working hard...

When you decide that you would like to renovate or install a new bathroom or shower room at home, you can be overcome with tiles choices, rearranging the room's layout, matching grout to sealant - do I need a Shower waterproofing Kit?! The questions can spiral.

Functionality - this is a big point to consider. The functionality of your bathroom is all about positioning; is everything in the right place to begin with? Or is your household getting ever-so-increasingly annoyed about the sink being in the wrong place? How your bathroom works in terms of everyone using the bathroom is important. You want to make this a place of relaxation as well as practical, especially if you oversleep and desperately need a shower before work!

Appearance - is it how YOU like it? Trends come and go, if you consider that your bathroom as the second most-used rooms in your home, it'll be better if you actually like being in it!?! There are plenty of choices ans schemes and themes but we can help show you what works. From Tiles, to Wall and Floor grout, sealant... We can ensure it's going to look so good, you'll never want to leave.

Quotes - you may hear this a lot BUT our quotes are FREE. We will arrange a time to pop round, measure your room, discuss whether it's a refresh, new suite or a complete rejuvenation - either way, we are only a phone call away.

Telephone: 01384 828 174, Mobile: 07984 720 439 or Email: damianknowles@dkbathrooms.com

We've had some great projects, both Domestic and Commercial which we thought we should share.

We are currently updating our projects - case studies as we speak but a few highlights would be...

The quirky Black and White Retro effect Shower room

The Crystalline Effect Shower Tiles

A great review we received from this job...